Todos los caminos llevan a Roma


When you are absorbed in a creative process, you surely have in front of you something like a white painting, ready to find the perfect way to achieve your goal without failing in the attempt. Not all roads lead to Rome but good design and good ideas come from the same place.

I don’t say this for myself but for all the examples I have found with my workmates during the years we are working in Zebra and also examples in the brainstorming process. I have found that the way we start every day in Zebra’s department of design is the same as (or very close to) our colleagues in Toronto (just as an example because we don’t know them, we would like to!). I think that we use the same solutions to similar problems.

Here you have an example of the work of my workmate previously mentioned in this blog : shop in shop design in collaboration with L’Oréal and Carrefour . And I can bear witness that her creative process was totally different compared to the project of our Italian colleagues from Studio Poiesis, Paolo Quagliarella.




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