El trono de Godiva


There are some projects that make us better every day. The Ball Chair of Godiva has been one of them for its special character. We have not done anything like this before and it was really successful. The project was to customize the Ball Chair de Eero Aarnio, designed in 1963 when he began his freelance career. Although for the project we used one of many imitations that can be found in the market, we have to thank Aarnio the contribution he made to the design history.

Below you can see some steps of the customization process of the Godiva Ball Chair. We have closed the chair with a visor provided with an Ipad, where you can see images of the promotional campaign while seated, inspired by the Chinese New Year.

The campaign was distributed in airports of Europe and USA.


 Production of the visor’s mould



Paint and lacquer finish testing




Upholstery interior equipment








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